NMC Water Distribution Management Project

City profile:
 Nagpur is the largest city in central India and the third largest city by population in the state of Maharashtra. It has always enjoyed the status of a capital city that continues till date it is the winter capital of the Maharashtra state. It is estimated that one-third of the city’s population lives in slums. There are about 427 slum pockets in the city spread over an area of about 17 sq.km.


  • Population : 24.2 Lakhs approx (2006)
  • Economic Base:Service industries like hospitality, transport etc. and manufacturing industries.

About 30 percent of the city’s population is ‘working’ as per Census of India-2001. Trade, hotels and restaurants is the largest industry group in the city. About 36.3 percent of the working population is engaged in this industry group.


Nagpur ’s location on the confluence of various transportation routes has probably contributed to the large share of employment generation in the trade and transportation sector. Transportation sector employs 17.6 percent of the total working population. Manufacturing also has a significant presence in Nagpur with 15.4 percent of the working population involved in this sector.City Development Plan - Nagpur

SERVICE LEVELS (As per CDP prepared in 2006):  

Water Supply: NMC sources 470 MLD mainly from surface sources. Currently, it meets demand, but with population growth it may face a deficit situation by 2011. Post bulk water treatment point, per capita supply of water is 200 lpcd, which is well above the prescribed norms. The Corporation follows a flat tariff structure and NMC recovers about 62% of its O&M expenditure on water supply charges. Though no figures are available for actual supply at household level, it is known that treatment and transmission and distribution losses are very high. Supply is also dissatisfactory in terms of the number of hours of water supply and water pressure and the operational expenses for water supply services have been exceeding the revenues each year.     More.............

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