NMC Water Distribution Management Project

Existing Water Supply System


1.1]Existing Status of the Physical Infrastructure :-

Water supply to Nagpur City was drawn from three surface sources viz. Gorewada Tank, Kanhan river, and Pench canal. Gorewada tank source was developed in the year 1911. As city grew and the need for water increased, Gorewada tank source became inadequate. As augmentation was not possible due to site conditions, surface water source from river Kanhan 15 km. away from city was considered as perennial source.

                In 1976, the Irrigation Department, Govt. of Maharashtra executed a storage dam across river Pench for hydroelectric project at Totaladoh and pickup dam at Navegaon Khairy.With source as Pench Dam, Pench-I ,II & III Scheme was commissioned in 1982, 1984, and 2003 respectively. Pench-IV scheme is under construction. 

        1.1.1]  Old Gorewada Source :-

                   This was developed in the year 1911. It consists of an earthen bund across river Pili at a distance of about 8 km towards North-East of Nagpur City having gross and live storage capacities 8.82 Mm3 and 7.92 Mm3 respectively. On the downstream of Gorewada Tank, conventional Water Treatment Plant of 16.0 MLD capacity is constructed. Treated water is collected in pure water sump and then pumped to Seminary hills G.S.R for further distribution

        1.1.2]   Kanhan Water Source :-

                   Surface water intake located approximately 14 km from Nagpur City and 300 m. downstream of the confluence of the River Kolar and the River Kanhan was constructed in year 1940. In 1956 a barrage was constructed across Kanhan River about 500 m upstream of Kanhan head works with a storage capacity of 7.82 Mm3. Kanhan Water Supply Scheme was commissioned in four phases during the years 1940 - 1970. The first phase capacity in 1940 was 27.3 MLD which was augmented to 63.6 MLD in 1954. The capacity was further augmented to 86.3 MLD in 1966 and finally to 109 MLD in 1970.

                  Under this scheme, two intake wells in Kanhan river bed and two dry wells on the right bank of Kanhan River are constructed. Raw water is pumped to conventional treatment plant of 109 MLD capacity. Treated water from the Treatment Plant is pumped to G.S.R. of capacity 22.74 ML at Government House through 600 to 900 mm dia. M.S.  parallel rising mains of length 15.24 km. which are interconnected to each other.

      1.1.3]  Pench Source :-

                 Pench Project - Phase-I

                  In this scheme 113.5 MLD water is drawn from Pench right bank canal by gravity to the Mahadulla pumping station. The raw water is pumped to the B.P.T. of capacity 5.7 lakhs liters through 1606 mm dia M.S. Rising Main of length 5624 m. from B.P.T. water is taken to the Gorewada balancing tank through 700 mm dia duplicate C.I. gravity mains each of length 400 m. from Gorewada Tank it is drawn to the conventional treatment plant of capacity 113.5 MLD through 1200 mm dia M.S. gravity main. The filtered and chlorinated water from the treatment plant is pumped to Seminary Hills G.S.R. of capacity 20.43 ML and Gittikhadan G.S.R. of capacity 5.94 ML. Sitabuldi G.S.R. is fed from Seminary Hills G.S.R. through 700 mm dia M.S. Feeder Main of length 4000 m.

             Pench Project - Phase-II

                   Under Pench Phase - II a baby canal from Pench right bank canal to Mahadulla pumping station was constructed to draw additional 136 MLD of water. The raw water is pumped to the existing B.P.T. of capacity 5.70 lakh ltrs. through 1626mm dia M.S. Rising Main of length 5.60 km from B.P.T. water is conveyed to Gorewada tank through 1500 mm dia P.S.C. 8 Kg.cm2 gravity main of length 400 m. from Gorewada Tank water is taken to conventional water treatment plant of capacity 145 MLD through 1100 mm and 1000 mm dia P.S.C. 4 Kg./Sq.cm. gravity mains of length 650 m and 325 m respectively. Pure water is pumped to Seminary Hills G.S.R. of capacity 20.43 ML through 1321mm dia M.S. Rising Main of length 3760 m. In this scheme two E.S.R.s at Jaripatka and Sharda Rolling Mill each of capacity 22.7 lakhs liters are constructed.

                Pench project - Phase-III

                   Under Pench III Phase – I, additional 100 MLD water drawn from PRBC to Mahadula pumping station through the baby canal. Additional pumps are provided at Mahadula for Raw Water Pumping. A new treatment plant is also constructed at Gorewada. The system is identical to Pench - I & Pench - II project.


     1.1.4] Present Annual Water Reservation & Actual Drawel :-

                   Present Annual Raw Water reservation from various source for city water supply & respective present drawel is as below:



Annual Reservation

Actual Drawel

(As per Billing to NMC)

Mm3/ year


Mm3/ year


Kanhan River 





Pench Project (PRBC) @ Mahadula











Gorewada Lake 










                   As per billing by Irrigation department to NMC. Losses through Canal sepage in the length of 48.50 Km length of travel is @ 20-25% as per the observation of Water audit & Leak detection Study.

      1.1.5]  Present Treated Water Supply :- 

                   Treated Water from Various WTP

Kanhan Water Works



Pench Phase – I



Pench Phase – II



Pench Phase – III, Stage – I

100.00 to 120.0


Old Gorewada




500.00 to 530.00



       1.1.6] Present Water Distribution System :-  

                 Existing water distribution system of Nagpur city consist of appx 2100 km of pipe network is broadly divided in to three areas.

                   a] North / East / South part of Nagpur city with water supply from Kanhan Head Works & WTP.  


                   b] North / West / South / Central part of Nagpur city with water supply from pench project and WTP at Gorewada.  


                   c] North / Central part of Nagpur city with water supply from both the sources i.e. Pench & Kanhan



                           The total city area has been divided into ten water supply zones for better operation and maintenance.                             

                            Water is supplied to the city by Master Balancing Reservoirs at Seminary Hills (SH) & Govt. House (GH). From Seminary hills and Govt. house master balancing reservoirs water is supplied to other reservoirs. These two MBR’s also supply water to its command area.                                                                       


              There are 43 service reservoirs in the city at 31 locations.The existing storage capacity is 150.79 Ml which @ 32 % of the total supply.


1.2] Base Line Information in Terms of Users Coverage Access :-

     1.2.1] Population Served, Area Covered & Qty. Supplied in Water Dist. Zone :   

                   Water Supply Service Area 

                   Water supply service area is statutory limit of Nagpur Municipal Corporation. The total service area within the City is 217 Sq km of which about 7 sq km area is under catchment of lakes at periphery of city. The city is divided in to 10 administration zone. The population, service area, and appx water supply to respective zone is given in the following table


                   Water Supply Perimeter 

                   The fringe areas of Nagpur city is under developed and not covered under piped water supply network, about 20% of population resides in this area at scattered location. Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) is a development authority for these areas is preparing the separate investment plan for civic facilities. The water supply perimeter for existing network is shown below as shaded area within the statutory limit.

     1.2.2] Urban Poor in Total Population :- :   

                   There are 422 identified slum areas with in the city. A decade back detailed survey of these slums were conducted by GTZ with the financial aid from govt of Germany.NMC is providing the basic civic infrastructure like water supply, drainage, sanitation and roads to these slums . Majority of slums within core city area is connected with civic services.. Slums located at fringe areas are supplied by Tanker or bore well. The 30% of city population resides in slums


                   Slum population with house connections                           4,94,340 souls

                   Slum population on stand post/Tanker supply                    3,29,560 souls

                   Total Slum Population                                                   8,23,900 souls               

1.3] List of Various Project for the Sector in CDP :-


This project is the part of water sector project and outcome of Water audit, leak detection program undertaken by NMC with support of JNNURM. This project as a part strengthening of water supply system. The project is most important to achievement of CDP vision on water supply “Water for all and 24X7 supplies with focus on safety, equity, and reliability”.        

1.4] List of Ongoing Project under JNNURM :-




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